Have more fun with SUP stand up paddle board and kayak

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Sea Cycling – SUP stand up paddle board and kayak

Standing at the sea + paddling = enjoying. Try SUP stand up paddle board if you don’t believe ! 🙂.

SUP stand up paddle board for rent

Have a great experience of „sea-cycling“- ride the SUP, stand up paddle board, along the beautiful Dalmatian coast and the fascinating and breathtaking islands. Take a trip with a SUP, feel freedom and relaxation on the sea and recharge your psychical and mental batteries . Enjoy a great paddling exercise on Split’s baths and on all other unique coastal and island areas and spots, fastly, easily and pleasently reachable from Split. Or just enjoy in some kayak ride.

Take a chance to generate the pure natural extra energy & power, welcome to make the most of every single moment of your vacation . Take or rent easily portable inflatable paddle board (or kayak) with you to your every trip / exploring and visiting of charming and picturesque Dalmatian places and natural beauties. For your relaxed and carefree enjoyment in recreational paddling, as an exceptionally fun and healthy sea-going activity 🙂.

Wherever and however you intent to travel – practical folding paddle boards could be a great sporty support / tender / to the sailing boat or yacht … And just as well, it could certainly have found a place in your car trunk 🙂. Of course, just in case when You want to combine it with chosen bike tour ! 🙂🙂