Competitive rates and prices for bike rental

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Convenient and specialized – competitive rates and prices for bike rental

Split Fun Bike Rental offers nice new solid, sturdy bicycles for competitive rates and prices for bike rental to visitors and locals in Split. The daily price goes down the longer your hire period. We have a great selection of mtb and city bikes ( Trek 3series, Giant, Winora, Dema … ), and unique offer of the similar kind of “vehicles”- irresistible highest-quality ‘kickbikes’ as well. If you prefer to sleep in, or squeeze a few more hours into your sightseeing by bike, relax – it won’t make a big dent in your wallet.

The rental starts when you pick up the bike and if you keep the bike overnight, the shop charges per 24 hours, not by calendar day. If you keep it longer than 24 hours, they won’t charge an additional full day, just a half day more until closing time at 22:00 !  Prices start from €15 per 24 hours, the most convenient services in Split, because of our bike-friendly oriented policies 🙂 Check price list here …

We are so proud to offer unique Happy Afternoon / evening Hours service – great afternoon / evening Split-tour of even 6 hours for only €10 ! From 4 PM till 10 PM you can take a great refreshing bike-tour in Dalmatian pearl – our lovely Split – for such a exceptionally favorable price.

We have been renting quality bikes at discount prices with all accessories and equipment for free: great bike helmets, ergonomic rucksacks, super safe Abus Granit U-locks, additional locks, lights, city ride map with suggested routes etc.

Full special offer for your full great memories 🙂