Cycling on the Dalmatian islands

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Cycling is always the ideal way of transportation for tourists wishing to establish a direct contact with the islands. Asphalt roads with light traffic, peaceful forest roads and walkways lead trough a picturesque landscape rich with ethnography to the most interesting parts of the island. Discovering places and locations all over the island here should be an unforgotten experience. Cycling on the Dalmatian islands is proven way to have fun and joy at the same time !!!

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Because of the defense purposes settlements were built on mainland. The great example is place Lastovo on the island of same name. In the past Lastovo was often attacked  by pirates from the sea and for defense purposes local people built their settlements on the hill. Similar situation was also on other islands.

Knowing about some essential advice would be useful for best passing all over the particular island. And nice pedaling around in general, too. At the islands settlements or resorts bike is always great vehicle for reaching to beaches, restaurants, some little general for pick up some groceries, sundries, newspapers, maybe to find some ATM fast. Or the best ice-cream at the place.

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