Ideal weather conditions for cyclists

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Dry and warm – ideal weather conditions for cyclists

Split Super-long-Summer & hospitality that is worth more: – our esteemed customers as our life-coaches on two wheels 🙂. Here everyone knows very well that Split Mediterranean summer often takes even longer than eight months. This is the extraordinary blessing of the Dalmatian region, which is irresistible to visitors. Because of that we could say there are ideal weather conditions for cyclists.

However, there is amazing, but here certainly well-known fact: the citizens of Split are very spoiled with so many perfect sunny days a year. Although the periods of warm pleasant weather are so time-consuming, most often complains when there is only very little wind or a few drops of rain, not even caring how much they are actually blessed with the weather.

Ideal weather conditions for cyclists

It is probably only of human nature, but it is certainly an interesting phenomenon, that many of locals become aware of own lack of appreciation, only when it starts an influx of the guests. A multitude of people from all over the world flood the city and its surroundings, and always somehow there is an impression that the local population only then again begins to realize what they really have ☺.

As we mentioned, not only long hot summer by calendar, the spring is also beautiful to enjoy all the ‘sunny&sea’ activities and it can be really considered just as young summer. The autumn, on the other hand, offers the special colors and scents, all the feelings and every sense of the ripe Mediterranean Dalmatian summer.

Weather becomes warm already in March , and people begins to wear very light clothing almost immediately, and it’s going to last even till some little colder drops of late November rain shower..

In any case, however, at the end – we are very grateful for the magical climate and nature that we have in our city and surrounding areas, cause it’s really very rare. Similarly, the greatest and special thanks definitely go to you, our dear visitors, and to all others who are interested to visit our city – except what, with your visit, you embellish our spring, summer, autumn and even winter – we also just always could get the collateral free lesson about the beauty of the place in which we live.

Of course, led by some of the best experts for such teaching – “the cyclists” ☺☺.

Ideal weather conditions for cyclists