How to lock Your bike in a very simple and safe way

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Theft protection – how to lock Your bike

How to lock Your bike in really easy and safe way ? The answer is: SPLIT.BIKE and its elite free service ☺. The key is to find something solid to lock bikes. You also need to make sure that potential thieves can not simply pick up a bike over it. Furthermore, it is necessary to check and shake the chosen structure or appropriate pillar for the first time to ensure that they are firmly on the ground.

How to lock Your bike

The easiest choice for thieves are bikes secured with cheap locks. It must be clear that the thin worthless lock means no protection at all. It is essential that the thief should not be able to use any cache lever to open the lock. Therefore, it is ideal to use the rear wheel triangle for perfect securing of theft. Great thickness chain, and especially of the lock, will significantly longer delay the thief, and he will not indulge in the attempted theft. Our professional ABUS GRANIT U-locks are here for you with the highest level of security. They offer and ensure maximum protection, fully atypical for the bike rentals, so we’re very proud of it .

How to lock Your bike
Even just stealing a wheel is on the rise. So, it should be a rule not to park the bike on any way that long-term thieves could take off. We provide you additional cable lock for the front wheels, so you can be absolutely sure that certainly leave the bike. Otherwise, when the cyclist is found without additional locks or cables, she/he can remove the front wheel, and then close both wheels together with the frame.

How to lock Your bike

But with us in SPLIT.BIKE there’s no need for any uncomfortable care related to leaving bike. The only thing required there is the proper use of our quick and easy adjustable super quality padlocks, so that you can pleasant and with no worries enjoy the use of bicycles, because of such a safe locking, free of charge, for that: “little – but sweet – luxury” ☺.